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It was sort of ironic that this was a problem considering how cool it gets at Crater Lake in the evening and overnight. When I was planning our trip through southern Oregon and northern California that included Crater Lake, I knew there was only one place that we would be staying in that park, the lodge overlooking the lake. A beautiful hotel in such an amazing position overlooking the most impressive lake. We planned our trip to Crater Lake quite late about one month in advance so never thought we'd be able to get a room here as they were all fully booked by then. Turned out, it really didn't matter that much since you can always see the lake from the public areas of the lodge anyway. Offering the only in-park lodging with breathtaking views of Crater Lake! Experience the brilliant blue lake that is magical and filled with adventure. We make it easy for you when planning your trip to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake continues to inspire visitors from all around the world. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, want to immerse yourself in nature, or simply relax and take in the views, Crater Lake awaits you. Call Us

Geological Survey, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, with an average depth of meters 1, feet. The dark blue color of the water shown in this image is typical of Crater Lake; light blue-green areas to the southeast of Wizard Island along the southern crater rim probably correspond to particulates perhaps dust either on or just below the water surface. Water is lost only by evaporation and seepage, and is only replenished by rainwater and snowmelt from the surrounding crater walls. Evidence of this activity lingers in volcanic rocks, lava flows and domes beneath the lake surface; the small cone of Wizard Island is the only visible portion of these younger rocks. Some of the older lava flows in the area are associated with Mount Scott to the east-southeast of the lake. The catastrophic eruption of Mount Mazama that occurred approximately 7, years ago destroyed the volcano while simultaneously forming the basin for Crater Lake. The Crater Lake ecosystem is of particular interest to ecologists because of its isolation from the regional landscape, and its overall pristine quality is important to recreational users of Crater Lake National Park.

The only way to view the Lake is by snowshoeing the 1 mile long Raven Trail. During storms, however, the lake is usually hidden by clouds. When skies are clear, excellent views of Crater Lake can be enjoyed at Rim Village. Crater Lake National Park Oregon. At Rim Village, you can enjoy views of the lake, weather permitting.

Zao Okama crater lake. The Okama is a crater lake with a circumference of 1,m and a depth of 27m.

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Crater Lake Dating
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