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To receive the Kiddush cups, the cadets and their command can reach out to JWVand let us know how many Jewish cadets they have in their graduating class. The service consisted of a welcome to those in attendance, invocation by the chaplain, music by the Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir, and a keynote address by an alumnus of West Point. As the story goes, General George Washington and his troops were cold and hungry during the Winter of at Valley Forge. The Jewish graduating class consisted of 15 cadets — 1 woman and 14 men. Kauffman Post 41 helped sponsor the graduation of the West Point Jewish cadets in the West Point Jewish Chapel, which they have been participating in for over 30 years. Every spring, JWV National gifts personalized Kiddush cups to the Jewish graduating cadets of the four military academies. If you remember our history with West Point, one half of the first class of graduates were Jewish — that class graduated with two officers and one was Jewish! It is our hope that these new Jewish graduates will be inspired to keep alive their Judaism within the military, and we are always here to help throughout their career and beyond. Here at JWV, we know that being a religious Jew in the military can give strength and hope to the men and women around you. This program is designed to recognize their hard work and achievement, and let the cadets know that the Jewish War Veterans is a resource. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Here are the top six Torah observers and their part in early American History. It was during the Hanukkah celebration, and Hart began to explain the customs of the holiday to his guest. Washington replied that he already knew about Hanukkah. He told Hart and his family of meeting the Jewish soldier at Valley Forge the previous year. According to Washington, the soldier was a Polish immigrant who said he had fled his homeland because he could not practice his faith under the Prussian government there. The story has been quoted by several Jewish historians, including Rabbi I.

To fully appreciate the significance of what occurred at Valley Forge, the event must be placed in context of the entire American Revolution. On arrival in Decembera Continental soldier would have seen an open, rolling landscape divided into many small crop fields and pastures by fences and hedgerows; woodlands and charcoal hearths on the mountains; and the smattering of structures in the Village of Valley Forge, including the ruins of the forges themselves-burned during a raid by the British three months earlier. Likewise, patriotism did not peak during the relatively short six-month period at Valley Forge. Hardship did occur at Valley Forge, but it was not a time of exceptional misery in the context of the situation. Download PDF Version Pre-encampment American Indians occupied the area in and around what is now known as Valley Forge National Historical Park from circa 10, BP before present onward, enjoying the abundance of food and shelter offered by the river valley environment. A Discussion the Valley Forge Encampment 4, words. On December 19th,12, soldiers and women and children marched into Valley Forge and began to build what would become the fourth largest city in the United States, with 1, log huts and two miles of fortifications. By the time of Valley Forge, however, most Americans realized that the Revolution would be a long, drawn-out affair. Along Valley Creek, an iron works named Valley Forge was established, and a small industrial village including charcoal houses, a saw mill, grist mill, and company store grew up around it.

In the Hebrew Bible, the imperative placed on ancient Israelite women to bear children, along with the challenges this imperative imposes, are illustrated most vividly in six different stories about barren women. Still, almost 10 percent of named characters in the Hebrew Bible are women, and there is also a significant corpus of texts that concern women not identified by name: Many of these women, moreover—whether named or unnamed—are among the most memorable characters in biblical tradition: Eve, whose creation is described in Genesis 2: These various women represent the many different roles women played and responsibilities women assumed within the Hebrew Bible and within the society of first-millennium bce Israel from which the Hebrew Bible emerged. Not only was marriage the norm in ancient Israel, for both men and women, the norm within marriage was for women to bear children. Marriage, it is to be noted, is the norm, for both men and women: Women from subservient classes, however, are not necessarily married: Similarly, while legal materials from Exodus Biblical tradition also acknowledges that prostitution—and so unmarried prostitutes—were found within ancient Israelite society, and the Hebrew Bible in addition includes at least one narrative, 2 Samuel Legal materials concerning a woman who has been sexually violated, however, generally require the perpetrator to marry his victim Deut. Its authors are arguably all male, and even scholars who point to a few biblical texts that might have been authored by women must admit that these compositions have been transmitted through male scribal communities. The Hebrew Bible is a book that was primarily written by men, for men, and about men, and thus the biblical text is not particularly forthcoming when it comes to the lives and experiences of women.

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The Jewish heritage was one I never knew much about, but over the past year I have decided to compile all the documentation and information i have regarding the various branches of my ancestry. Actually, I dismantled the Valley Forge Hannukah legend thoroughly at Bostonstarting with this post and proceeding through several more. I found many versions of the legend of Valley Forge Hanukkah, all dating from the midth century. And Washington did learn of Hanukkah at Valley Forge. Modern Jewish History. Join Our Newsletter Empower your Jewish discovery, daily. During the war, the congregation was led first by a Tory sympathizer and later by a Jewish Hessian officer who fought with the British and remained after the hostilities ended. Many Jewish merchants suffered dislocations and reverses, and many a personal fortune disappeared as merchants found their trade interrupted. Haym Salomon, later to gain fame as the mythic Jewish financier of the Revolution, began the war as a wealthy merchant whose unstinting financial sacrifices helped to keep the Revolution going. Jews were present at Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, and other battle sites throughout the colonies. He was taken prisoner by the British who, when they discovered he was Jewish, gave him only pork, which he refused to eat. Their relationship, too, was forged by working through obstacles together. As a teenager growing up outside Atlanta, Davis willed herself to lose 60 pounds and forge a new self-image, and the last laugh is on her audiences.

Meet Jewish Women in Valley Forge
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