Sellersburg Cougars

Manitowoc Foodservice, a Florida-based company with operations globally, announced this week the decision to stop manufacturing at its Sellersburg plant, Manitowoc Beverage Systems Inc. Sellersburg Council President Paul Rhodes has hopes that the growth expected at River Ridge, and additional business opportunities anticipated once the bridges are complete, will provide jobs for those being displaced. Manitowoc Food Service announced in August that they would cease manufacturing and cut the workforce nearly in half by the first of the year at its Sellersburg location, Manitowoc Beverage System, Inc. Of the total employees at the Sellersburg location — about — 84 are in manufacturing and the positions will be picked up by plants in Mexico. The win wasn't a work of art, admitted Silver Creek coach Brandon Hoffman, whose squad only converted 6 of 29 shots from inside the paint but some hard-nosed defense — and 22 points from junior guard Zane Gross — was enough to make the difference. That was just kind of a focus thing, not finishing well. You have nights like that, but to hold them to 28 points, that was something I was really proud of. The first half was tight throughout. After Gross hit a footer to give the Dragons a lead with 4: Gross hit 1 of 2 free throws with just under a minute remaining and the Dragons led at intermission

The Lions come in at and are out of the Sellersburg area. He combines with junior Cody Phillips, who is a legitimate 3-point threat giving the Cougars an inside-outside threat, that allows Jaylen Lengacher to do what he does best and drive to the rim. Chesterfield has been a big part of the Cougars' success at the end of the year. The North Daviess Cougars added their fifth basketball sectional title to the trophy case on Saturday. More than just a piece of wood, it also serves as an invitation back to the Class A regional at Jack Butcher Arena -- a place where the Cougars have already won two regional titles and two of their five sectionals. North Daviess posted a close win over Vincennes Rivet on Friday, followed by a victory over Loogootee in the championship, giving them the chance to win their first regional since The Cougars have been on a roller coaster in their last 11 games, having lost five straight, but followed by six straight wins through the end of the season and tourney.

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Doug Krieger, owner of Krieger's Farm and Orchard, bags a jar of chow chow, a blend of cabbage, onion, green tomatoes, and peppers similar to relish, for a customer while at the Sellersburg Farmer's Market on Wednesday. The trial phase of the Sellersburg Farmer's Market that began the first week of July has proved there's an eager appetite for this kind of amenity in the small town. Another Sellersburg resident, Michelle Branham, can now get her fresh produce from a market just down the road, instead of at the New Albany Farmer's Market where she used to visit. Gracie Speigelhalder, a hired helper, grabs a handful of freshly picked blue lake green beans to weigh out for a customer at the Sellersburg Farmer's Market. Sellersburg resident Kim Pearl, who visited the market Wednesday, is happy to see the town is taking note from surrounding communities.

Sellersburg Cougars
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